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Cole Wilson's
Foundation Tum Yeto Cole Wilson's "Oddity" Part
The Louisville Lunatic drops the curtains on the Oddity vid with a part that’ll require several viewings to process. We’ll be posting the full-length in its entirety Saturday morning. Grea...
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Tum Yeto Foundation AIDAN CAMPBELL
From ditches to walls to the big bars, Aidan lays claim to all types of terrain. The last two tricks in this part are certifiable next-level bangers. Wow…...
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Dakota Servold's
Tum Yeto Foundation Dakota Servold's
We’ve seen Dakota charge down kinkers without a moment’s hesitation, but apparently now he skates up these rails as well. WTF?!...
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Nick Merlino's
Foundation Tum Yeto Nick Merlino's "Oddity" Part

Merlino unloads his deep arsenal of tricks on serious double-black-diamond terrain. Did he really nollie into that front feebs? Goddamn...



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Dylan Witkin's
Foundation Dylan Witkin's "Oddity" Part
It’s a short part, but there is not even a teaspoon of filler. Dylan jumps right into business and clocks hammer after hammer 'til the bell rings....
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Ryan Spencer's
Foundation Tum Yeto Ryan Spencer's "Oddity" Part
Ryan sees spots through a different lens and attacks them his own special way: with refreshing tricks and a full-speed approach. What’s not to love?...
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Joey Ragali's
Foundation Tum Yeto Joey Ragali's "Oddity" Part
Joey stomps out tricks with brute force, doing the heavy-lifting in every direction. His enders over a tall af bump-to-bar are absolutely buck nasty!...
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Corey Glick's
Foundation Tum Yeto Corey Glick's "Oddity" Part
Maybe you’ve seen Glick skate before or caught his interview in the mag, but nothing can prepare for this onslaught of GNAR. This part is all killer, no filler. Buckle up......
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Foundation Tum Yeto Foundation's "Oddity" Teaser
The team laid it all on the line and the result is one of the heaviest, hammer-laden full lengths imaginable. We’ll be showing select parts, starting Monday with Corey Glick, before premiering t...
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