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Deathbox is sponsoring the "X-em Games" skateboard jam. The annual event happens on August 1st at the Alingsas Skatepark in Lordagen, Sweden. There will be free food, cocktails and live music, all organized by our Swedish friend Ante.

Hackett is in France for a slalom / legends pool contest.

Tum Yeto has sold out of all 300 signed and numbered Hackett Iron Cross limited edition boards. Check your local shops to see if you can still score one before they're gone forever.

Pineapple's 'Pine Design' reissue is also available now. There aren't many of the 300 hand signed and numbered decks left, so act fast!

Sam Hitz - Thrasher misreported that Sam has left DB ...he is still on and ripping. Check the sequence in the new Thrasher.

Posted July 14th, 2005 by Ride Everything!

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