Foundation Mike Rusczyk's "Retirement Party" art show opening

On January 20th 2006, Foundation hosted "The Retirement Party" art show at BLENDS in San Diego. The show featured 150 hand painted boards by Mike and a few of his friends to celebrate Mike's "retirement" from AM status. The project took about 2 months to complete. It took a lot of long hours and work but the end result was amazing. The show turn out was great as well. Check out the slideshow HERE. There are still boards avaiable for purchase, proceeds will go to the Lift The Children foundation.

Stay tuned for a way to get your hands on one online or contact your sales rep for more info.

Special thanks to everyone involved: Swank, Barker, Nathan, Damon, Josh, Chris, Eddie, Meghan, Lilia, Matt, Josh S., Ryan, Louis, Issac, Keith and everyone at BLENDS and of course Mike Rusczyk.

Posted February 1st, 2006 by The Foundation Skateboards Ministry of Propaganda

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