Foundation Gregnog...notes from the feild.

Ethan and Angel are out in australia as you know, and I got an email from angel saying it was going good with the TWS dudes skating daily and getting photos and footy. no word on what he has gotten but im sure it is good stuff. he should have some footy in the upcoming TWS vid this summer.

Slash is officially 100% and has been shredding like usual in north county with the NS crew. He is talking about coming up soon and going out shooting with trihn and dawes. also he is now getting trucks from indy. not sure if it is team status yet, but when he goes out with dawes im sure he will be team all the way.

Baca and Ragdoll are in vegas shreding street and parks alike filming with a friend of theirs in vegas. might be going up soon with trinh once we can all get linked up at the right times.

Nuge, Duffman, and rusczyk will be going on a Duffs/sessions/pig 2 week road trip with Dave Hoang and rodent through the deep south ending at Tampa pro. Nuge might have droped hurley and joined duffman at sessions so the rumors are. will know by the next update for sure. thats it thats all


Posted February 28th, 2006 by el ztaffo
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