Tum Yeto Active Hot Dogs & Hessians Tour day 4

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deffiently not in san diego anymore... photo by - Morris

So we woke up in Texas with a free buffet at the hotel. A nice change from the beef jerky diet we were all on. Ate then immedietly hit the road for Oklahoma City. Matt Hoffman extreme skatepark was the next stop. That park turned out to be pretty fun. Even with the large crowd. The locals all ripped the 9 stair hubbas and rail for the best trick contest. Shortly after the cops shut down the place for anybody with out a helmet. Oh well...product toss and autographs went down and we were out. Had some group photos with the active guys as they would keep the journey going all the way to Skate plaza and the TumYeto guys would make the drive back to San Diego. That night...

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This kid came up on some product

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Matt Hoffman Extreme Park!

Posted June 30th, 2006 by Get Er Done bro
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