Tum Yeto Skaters vs. Cops Round 1

This incident took place on International Go Skateboarding Day in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is unfortunate but will bring significant awareness to the rights of skateboards and the police brutality that is generally accepted. The Hot Springs city council contact info. bsouthard@cityhs.net; pege1947@aol.com; direlainejon1@sbcglobal.net; srsmith12003@yahoo.com; sable@hsnp.com; td7965@aol.com; dave@hotspringschamber.com; hsvcoc@cswnet.com I suggest sending a message in the lines of: Hot Springs Mayor, City Council and Cheif of Police, The agreessive and negligent actions of your city peacekeepers on June 21st, International Go Skateboarding Day towards teenage participants was appalling and irresponsible. Skateboarding is positive activity that keeps kids active and healthy and has been awarded by the United States Congress a Certificate of Recognition for the positive benefits that skateboarding brings to todays youth . It is not a crime in any sense as robbery, drug abuse, rape, murder, kidnapping, extortion, gang activity and should not be treated as one. It is unbelievable that your police officers find that riding a skateboard in offensible enough to have a 200+ pound man brutally choke and wrestle teenage kids to the ground, physically harm them and mentally humuliate them. What kind of example does this set precedence in educating inpressionable youth. Your city should embrace the youth and positive benefits of skateboarding that are attributed to it. I hope you take immediate action to apologize and rectify the attitude and policy handling such matters. I support legal action that the parents of the kids involved and that they take their full legal rights in prosecution of involved police and city employees as well as the leadership of those persons. With the utmost sincerity and disgust, Your Name Skateboarding Enthusiast and member Coalition for Skateboarder Rights
Posted June 28th, 2007

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