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Image Description Here By Eric Wall So Gareth, what exactly happened when you fucked up youre leg. Can you explain the situation? I was at my girls house in Santa Monica California USA and I was hankering for some smokes and the bodega across the street seemed enticing so I proceeded to cross between two cars to my downfall and was hit and left for dead and awoke to paramedics and police officers and a torn ACL How did you react when you realized that you might need surgery and that you would be out of the game for a while? Pretty bummed cause that Is expensive and takes a long ass time but I then found out I dont need surgery so straight busted my ass 20 miles a day on my bike and crazy pills and acupuncture so now I am ready to shred and back on top What kind of stuff did you do while you were injured to stay productive? I try and draw as much as possible hang out with friends not get bummed do stretches exercise the knee and I got pretty into riding my bike, but I hit a car riding o so gotta watch out . I been having some bad luck with cars lately How good does it feel to be back on a board? Cant even explain how good it feels better than a bloomin onion What was the first trick you tried? 900 the colliseum I remember you telling me about almost beating Melcher in a game of S.K.A.T.E. right after you started skating again from the injury. What was the trick that he finished you off with? I dont remember but he did some goods willie grind and shit What can we expect from you in the next couple months? Just trying to get as much shit done on the board and still rehabbing the knee taking it easy a little bit but I just want to jump down shit and skate How did you get the idea for the odder pop series that you helped design? I like otter pops and I thought it would look cool, as a series I was just eating em and thought it would be cool? Whats your favorite one out of all of them? You can say your own, no need for modesty at Foundation. I like Coreys cause its so stylized I guess you can tell straight away that its Corey Most siked on at the moment: Video part: slashes part in the vox video Movie: vampire hunter all time fav Skater: the homies Book: knight of the black and white. Its all about the knights templar and stuff Website: craigslist Soda: mountain dew Celebrity: Roky Erickson TV show: law and order criminal intent Skateboard wheel: round ones Dekline shoe: mine but theyre old sooo matts. Candy: gummy worms eating them right now You Tube video: fat kid getting hit with skateboard Where are you looking forward to going this year? Any where I havent been on trip for forever so I dont care go skateboarding Whats your middle name? Warren its my dads How many friends do you have according to My Space, which is pretty much reality? Dunno I quit going on that but let me check really quick If I was trying to get on your top 8 or 12 or 65 or 100 or whatever it is how would I go about that? Buy me gummy worms and mountain dew Why do you talk so funny? Cause I was raised by wolves on the moon What does Gareth mean? Have you ever met another Gareth before? If so, was he a pirate too? There are lots of gareths in New Zealand and probably Europe it is welsh and I dunno what it means maybe you could research that and get back to me How much gold do you usually recover when you battle other ships and steal theyre gold? Mucho booty How many stairs can you Ollie? How many STEHRS can you Ollie Are you caught up in the Halo 3 craze like Sierra? No I dont mess with that How high can you Ollie? 21 stairs What was it like working with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 3? I didnt do that, that would be silly Is it hard to shoot other pirate people or normal people with an eye patch on? it helps your vision for shooting and tabogganeering If you didnt have a board sponsor and red bull boards came out and offered you $1,000 a month plus royalties would you do it? Yes do they make mountain dew? Is it hard to get your shoe on with a peg leg or does Dekline make a special shoe for you? I just have decline ultra awesome rubber on the bottom of the peg leg Whens the last time you sacked a rail? Dunno but almost sack it every time I go to Culver City Park Thanks for your time Gareth. Any final words you would like to say? Now would be the time. Do cool stuff!!!! Be excellent to everybody
Posted November 26th, 2007
He is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Edgar on July 13th, 2009 at 12:11PM PST
coolest skater ever!
Posted By: Tim on March 22nd, 2010 at 05:32AM PST
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