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Image Description Here As probably none of you have heard one of Foundations flow riders Schuyler Ricketts was in critical condition last week. Suffering several stab wounds from some unfriendly neighbors. I'm posting this story and photos for one to show his determination to live and skate and have nothing get in his way but also because he's way to modest of a guy to ask for any help from anybody. Seeing how he is one of the kids trying to make his dream a reality all his money goes towards skating and having a roof over his head. With that being said I want it to be known that he was stabbed over 15 times the past weekend and was left to die. Having no insurance he is now in some serious debt. Please take a second and read the story of the events that happend through his eyes... "The dead of winter was on its way and with corey's new upcoming video on its way and roomates two weeks into eviction I had to get out of the heart of boston before the snow hit. So I Sold my 2000 ford focus for 800 bucks in a desperate attempt to start over in the only other place ive ever been familiar with, ceres ca. I left with my one suit case, or at least half a suit case do to the overweight fees I couldnt afford. So I finally arrive in california and with my money running out and realizing the streets are cold over here as well I jumped into the only thing I could afford. Apt #2 lapaz court modesto ca, right outside of ceres. Since I had no credit I ended up living in an old crack heads home, and my neighbors where all convicted fellons and upstairs neighbors where arrested for raping a girl and slicing her with razor blades. I had a goal so I was going to stick to it. The first week I was there the OG gangsta from upstairs had already thrown some punches with me in my own house when i was trying to show him a good time with a few beers a bad mistake to make with someone who served 36 years in the pen. Some punches where thrown some windows where smashed, but i tried to move forward. A couple weeks later two of my most valuable things where stolen from me. A guitar my dad got me and another a girl gave me for giving her a good fuck. A week after that I got bit by a brown racluse spider on the back of my heel. This put me out of skating for a while since it swelled so bad. Still trying to move forward I was doing whatever i could do to get my mind off my situation. Having dance parties that turned into orgies, with me fucking girls on my sofa with drunk onlookers taking photos. trying to reap the benefits of being young and having a place to call home seemed to get my mind of things for a while. Right when things seemed to be looking better with all the sex and fun, some assholes had to break into my house when i was tying to get my groove on. I immediatley tackled one of them, locked the door punched them then through them though my back sliding glass door breaking out one of the support columns for the upstairs porch. It wasnt over yet though someone had broken my front door down completely now. I ran to the kitchen grabbed my 12 inch cutco knife and proceeded towards them with the intent to kill. Little did I know they had a brick in there hand. I dont remember anything after I had turned the corner to kill them. Next thing I know I woke up from being unconcious with a jaw that had been broken in three places and I guees while i was out from the blow from the brick, the dicks decided to cut my ear off. So I woke up with blood everywhere and the top half of my ear off. I went to the ER got my jaw wired shut and a plate in there as well and my friends got my ear and the doctors stitched it all up pretty well, but sometimes no matter how hard you want a goal to work sometimes theres just something out there thats got to make you try just a little bit harder if you really want it. " Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here If you would like to send money or just encouraging words please send to: Schuyler Ricketts 2720 avery court. Ceres, Ca. 95307 or get a hold of the shop he rides for Coliseum - 781 662 3400
Posted January 21st, 2008
such an ill skater that sucks get well
Posted By: r-rho on August 14th, 2009 at 05:53PM PST
man i was with him like the week before... this shocked me so much when he told me...
Posted By: anthony cabling on September 7th, 2010 at 11:52AM PST
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