Foundation A compilation of Foundation news.

Foundation is working on a new board construction that is thinner lighter stiffer and stronger. Team riders and employees both have been trying to destroy these mofos with no such luck. Made with wood and other very secret stuff that make them nearly impossible to break. Expect the release in spring 2002.

Jon West has a website, featuring his horror projects. Check it.

Don’t miss the Foundation US summer tour article in the Dec issue of Big Brother. 12 pages of insane skateboarding and good times are on pages 96-107.

The F glam boys are back from the Tour de Foundation en Latin America. Puerto Rico and Panama are both screaming Viva La Foundacion! Everyone reported sick demos, crowded Emerica signings, good local booze, a very large canal, amazing local spots, Noriega’s Bunker and clear beach waters. Special thanks to Andres and Mark Waters for setting up Emerica sessions. Watch for the documentation coming up in Transworld and 411VM.

Look for Ethan Fowler’s long awaited Transworld interview coming up. Also watch out for Ethan on the Thrasher trip to New Zealand coming up in Thrasher real soon.

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