Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Thrasher July 2002: Wow, July! Only one month ahead, better than 3 months ahead like the other mag. Ed Templeton, Caswell Berry, Josh Harmony and Nate Broussard invade Phoenix, pages 104-123. Dave Hackett and Steve Olson are Barney’s by the Bay, page 124-125. Ed Templeton shirt and Toy Machine package giveaway on the giveaway page.

Slap July 2002: Toy Machine ripper Josh Harmony hurls himself on page 100-101.

Skateboarder July 2002: Josh Harmony getting gnarly on page 112.

Thrasher Summer 2002: Josh Harmony got the cover! Wut up now sukka fishes. James Brockman on page 45-46. Charlie Thomas page 62. Billy Marks chillen on page 87. Diego Bucchieri on page 93. Ed Templeton hanging with Koston on page 97. Corey Duffel on page 108-109.

Transworld September 2002: Ed Templeton is on the dream team, pg. 102. Tony Silva checkout on page 386. O’s last words, page 392.

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