Foundation Foundation what? FOSKCO.

Check out the Foundation Vancouver article in the new Thrasher along with the Duffman's interview. Both will blow your minds!

The Foundation team is back from a 3 week Europe trip, which consisted of demos, in store shop appearances, shooting a Slap article along with 3 other European magazine articles and ripping the contests. See all the Chaos in an upcoming Slap Magazine.

Next on the summer Foundation agenda will be a month California Tour called the "MADNESS AND MAYHEM TOUR" which starts August 3rd. The guys will be going from shop to shop and town to town shredding demos and signing autographs. For more info and to find a shop near you or go to .

The Foundation Controlled Chaos in 411 is completed and will be out in issue 54. It will also appear with added footage on the DVD but to see it on the DVD you will have to find this hidden segment because there is going to be a so called Easter egg hunt.

411 Issue 52 just came out and you can see the glam boys in Panama and Peurto Rico having a good time site seeing and skateboarding.

I heard a rumor that he Foundation team is working on a top secret Christmas video that will be out early December just in time for all you kiddies out there to beg your parents for this perfect stocking stuffer.

The long awaited Ethan Fowler TWS interview is out so go to your local skate shop and check it!

Corey Duffel's Thrasher interview has just came out and is awesome! This kid rips! He's an Animal! Go check it out and you will see what I mean. Corey Duffel just finished up a part for the new Thrasher video, and a 411 Wheels of Fortune due out in the near future. Corey has also just shot a 20 questions in TWS that you can check out in the next Transworld.

Mike Rusczyk is back on his board shredding after a long time healing from knee surgery. Look out for mike and the rest of the team on the Madness and Mayhem tour in August.

Posted July 25th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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