Toy Machine Site winner for November!!

Its almost christmas time! The winner for the month of Novembwer is none other than Andrew Barnsey. He was automatically and anonymously picked by the HAL random picker thingy. Barnsey from Port Orchard, WA wins the Toy Machine box stuffed with corporate goodness. The 8" Robot 2002 board, Rabbit 53mm wheels, 2 tees, the infamous label beanie, 1 pair of the black Good Skateboarding jeans (only to be worn while skateboarding), a SKATE back pack that comes complete with a skateboard holding mechanism, the classic bloodstains cap, a wallet, the cone studded belt, some patches, stickers and 2 pairs of the new monster socks. Yeehaw! Barnsey should be stoked and hey Barnsey, it on its way!

If you want to be randomly selected as our specifically targeted marketing objectives, enter by using the ally oop dropping down menu bar and click on contests.

Posted December 16th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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