Ruckus Metal New Ruckus Low Pros.

New Ruckus low pros are in stock! Lower lighter weight 130's weigh in at 11oz. The hanger and base are made out of aluminum 356 T6 hardness. Axle design is cast in using "FANGS" to keep the axle from slipping or turning. Axle is made out of high carbon steel alloy to keep them from bending. The king pin is a super low set head that eliminates hang-ups and interference with a patended feature that allows the usage of a 7/32 allen or a 9/16 socket, made of steel alloy to provide strength against breakage. Base plate has a threaded insert pressed in for the king pin, in place of a standard nut, to handle high torque without slipping. Its conical shaped upper and lower 90A durometer high rebound bushings make for improved turning. The non sticking bushing washer cups have been designed in accordance to the bushing for a correct fit. Ruckus low pros are available in 120s and 130s and come in new colors, hornet yellow, blood red, stealth black and standard silver.

You actually have a chance to win a pair on So go and try duh! What are you waiting for?

Posted December 17th, 2002 by Ruckus METAL

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