Toy Machine Sucking the Life, a new video?

Toy Machine is working on a new video! That's right boys and girls a new Toy Machine video. This one is going to be a tour video that highlights the 2002 summer tour 'Sucking the Life'. Lots of BB guns, water guns and firecrackers will separate the footy of Toy Machine's skateboarding onslaught. Plans are to have it released in March, and so the editing ensues.

Billy Marks and Josh Harmony may be embarking on an east coast Etnies trip on the way to the Tampa AM contest. Where Billy will probably win. I wouldn't be at all surprised!

Nate Broussard and Ed Templeton will connect with Billy and Josh at the Tampa AM. Where Nate is rumored to be entering the contest.

Posted December 17th, 2002 by CEO

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