Pig Wheels Winner for September!!!

Whoo hooo. Spazzo Jibbers the one and only won the Tum Yeto contest for September. That cat lives so far away that he ordered a Misfits shirt on Sept 26th and it still hasen't getten there!! Some farm land in New Hamshire. I wonder if they have pigs? Cause he'd fit right in with his new Pig stencil deck, Pig hardcore wheels, overspry t-shirt, a the classic Pig streth pants, so when he becomes a pig the pants will streeetch. You always associate Pig stuff with pigs, thats so unoriginal, what are you gonna say next? Oink, Oink!?.....get a life!

We think you should enter the contest if you wanna win. Don't worry all your info will be stored in the HAL artificial intellegence mainframe database and will be stricktly used for marketing purposes and sold to the highest spam bidder. Enter here, muwahahahahaha.

Posted October 9th, 2003 by el ztaffo

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