Foundation Palace 5ive & Pitcrew skaters took over Best Damn Shop

Congratulations to Palace 5ive Skateshop for winning 1st place at this years Best Damn Shop skateboard contest. Justin Damer (Foundation Flow skater) competed for Palace 5ive and helped them win their 1st place (three-peat) win at BDS.
Also, congrats to Pitcrew Skateshop for their 2nd place win at Best Damn Shop. Foundation Secret Society member Benjamin Ross skated for Pitcrew, helping them grab their 2nd place victory.
9236justindamerbestdamns_tiny.jpg 9236pitcrewbestdamnshop_tiny.jpg 9236bestdamnshop1_tiny.JPG
Foskco flow skater Justin Damer helped Palace 5ive Skateshop claim their 1st place victory!
Posted October 29th, 2012 by Tyler Culbertson

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