Tum Yeto Foundation Gimme Gimme Interview: Ed Syder & Tod Swank

In honor of the Corey Duffel Gimme Gimme re-issue ; Foundation Super Co. head honcho Tod Swank interviewed Ed Syder. Ed created Corey Duffel's first pro model skateboard for Foundation, by winning the Gimme Gimme graphic contest.

T: Hey Ed. How have you been? Whatcha been up to these past ten years? 

E: Hi Tod, I'm good, I got married last year and I work as a primary school teacher now. I teach 5 year olds so that's a pretty full on job. I still skate, so that's 25 years strong now. I skate at all the concrete parks we have here in London and there's a skate session they have once a month under the Westway where you have to be like over 30 to be allowed in. Good times.
T: Good to hear that you still enter the Shred Zone! Rad.

T: How old were you ten years ago? What were you doing then?

E: I'm 37 now so I was 27 back then. I lived in Manchester and was trying (not very hard) to make it as an artist. I was doing posters and art for my friends and the occasional paying job for magazines and record companies, that sort of thing. I had day jobs in restaurants and supermarkets to pay the bills. Little or no responsibilities.

Photo Ed Syder around the time he won the Gimme Gimme graphic contest, 10 years ago.

T: What were you thinking about when you entered your graphic for Corey ten years ago?

E: I just remember that I had a post-it note on the wall above my computer saying something like 'ENTER FOUNDATION CONTEST! DO IT!' I almost didn't get round to doing it! It didn't take long, I just drew some pictures of the Ramones and the one of Dee Dee came out the best.

T: Did you think you would win? How did you feel that you were picked out of all the graphics we got from all over the world?

E: I hoped that I would win! I certainly didn't think I would. I was over the moon when I got the email. This was before the internet was like it is now, so all I could do was like jump around the room and ring my friend on the phone. I couldn't show off about it on Instagram or whatever I'd no doubt do if I'd won it now.
T: Ha that's funny. Pre-internet social media days. I remember those days. 
Do you still have one of those boards?

E: I do, it's hanging on my wall. I was sent two, one got skated, one for the wall.
T: Rad. We just re-issued your graphic, so we'll send you two more! 

T: Are you known as the guy that did Corey's first pro graphic out there? I hear you are a accomplished and in demand artist nowadays?

E: I don't think I am. My art career didn't really go anywhere. I was never very comfortable with the whole business side of things. Having to draw things that I didn't want to for money. An art director once grabbed my arm when I was drawing him something in a meeting, and said "no, like this..." and I knew right then that being an illustrator wasn't for me.I had my first graphic novel 'My Skateboard Life' published last year by Blank Slate Books and I have a new one out this year, so doing comics and teaching is working out pretty good for me and the moment.
T: Someone told me you are a acclaimed tattoo artist - misinformation. Teacher is awesome and graphic novels are cool too. Good job. 
Thanks a lot Ed.

Posted February 21st, 2014 by Swank
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