Pig Wheels Clint Walker: Fully Torqued RV "Top 5" Interview

Clint Walker and his friends thought it would be rad if they were able stay in cities longer to skate and film while on tour. One RV and a Kickstarter Project gave birth to a yearlong skate trip in said RV.  Since the trip has started…spots have been slain, debauchery  commenced and madness ensued.  Thankfully all has been documented on their Ride Channel Show, The Fully Torqued RV Tour.
To celebrate this epic journey, Clint is getting his first pro wheel for PIG! We caught up with Clint and got his thoughts in Top 5 Interview about their RV Tour.

Nollie Flip / Photo: Trevor Vaugnhan

-Top 5 RV Moments
5. Shaving Dirty's eyebrows.
4. Partying with 18 dudes from the Nashville FU Crüe in the RV. 
3. First time emptying the RV septic tank in who knows how long... hilarious.
2. Pulling the RV into Wilson park and hanging out while we threw a contest at the park.
1. Fisted.
5.Usually suck.
Wilson park was kind of tight though.
-RV Meals-
5.Harold's Chicken and
4.Portillo's in Chicago,
3.King Solomon's Gryos in Nashville,
2.Gates BBQ in Kansas City,
1.Jimmy Johns everywhere as a last resort.
5. Ledge spot by Lake Michigan
4. Clemente School
3. White Nines
2. Downtown Chicago
1. Underground OKC
-Nightmare Moments-
5. Broke down at a rest stop in Mississippi, starter went out.
4.Not being able to turn around after pulling into a casino in Shreveport, La.
3.Trevor Vaughan not making the turn into a gas station on a busy road, taking 30 minutes to get straightened out while had to shit.
2. Ants took over the RV in Atlanta.
1.Mosquitoes in Nashville
1.Trying to sleep in the heat in Nashville
1. The loop being shut down in Nashville
-Played Songs-
5."Mexican Radio" by Devo
4."Time" by Riff Raff
3. "Disturbia" by Rihanna
2. "Ramblin' Man" by Hank Williams,
1. "Down '71" by Bone Thugs

-Ways different from normal Skate Trip -
5.You are living in the van.
4. Become friends with the locals in each city.
3. Have to find out if you will be able to park the RV wherever we are going in advance.
2. Easy to sleep while you're driving from place to place.
1. No team manager, no set schedule, we do what we want when we want.

-Random Moments
5. Fishing in Chicago with Mike! And deep sea fishing in Florida.
4. Winning $1500 at split decision casino stop in Shreveport. 
3. Blackhawks party in the streets after they won't the Stanley Cup.
2. Freddy Krueger in Oklahoma.
1. Skating with Bo Denahey @BoDenahey

-Rainy Day Activities-
5.Indoor parks
2. Tinder
1. Showers in the gutters 
 -Craziest Things Witnessed on RV Tour-
5. Clive grinded an insane kinked rail.
4. Micah Hollinger & Dirty sticking their fingers down each other's throats to induce vomiting.
3. Tommy Guns 1 1/2 front flip off the cliffs in Nashville.
2. Beer showers with the Blackout Crüe inside the bar in Gainseville, FL
1. Every day street party next to the RV in Chicago. Drinking, grilling, loitering all on the sidewalk of a Main Street without anyone saying anything.
-Essentials for RV-
5. Empty Bottles
4. iPod 
3. WD-40
2. Jugs of water
1. Jimmys

-Reasons to do an RV Tour-
5. Girls in every state. 
4. Rad dudes and rad crews in every city.
3. Sleep for free, and no overstaying your welcome.
2. Mobile Parties.
1. Being able to go anywhere at any time and not have to worry about planning your living situation.
Clint's first pro wheel is available here!
Posted December 16th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

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